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The Ryan Higa Foundation Inc. is a public charity classified under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 509(a) (2) and exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501 (c) (3). All donations made to this Foundation are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 170.

Our purpose is to recognize individuals who perform charitable acts towards needy and underprivileged persons.

More information to follow.

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Method of Measurement:

  • A Truly Charitable Act
  • The Person(s) Impacted

Who Can Nominate Someone?

  • Anyone that is 13 years or older
  • Anyone detailed knowledge of the nominee and their charitable act.
  • Any resident of the US or Canada. The nominee must also be a resident.

What Does a “Best Day Ever” Look Like?

  • Travel to a place they’ve always wanted to go
  • Receive something that they’ve always wanted or needed